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📝 Change the duration for your texts
📝 Change the duration for your texts
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The option to change the duration for your texts is not available on Android yet, but we are working on it!
Please hang tight 💪


To change the duration for a text, first you need to tap to select the text you would like to edit. Then, you will find a duration button ("stopwatch" icon):

After taping on the menu button, you will be able to choose between the duration slider (manual mode) and the "auto" mode.
For the duration slider, notice that the left handle is the starting time (when the text appears on the screen). The right handle is the ending time (when the text disappears from the screen).

Changing the starting time can impact the the range accessible for the ending time, and vice versa. There is a minimal duration for each text, and mojo cannot go below that duration. The minimal duration ensures that texts can be read properly and visual animations have enough time to play on the screen.

Using the "auto" mode, the texts will appear one after the next. Durations are automatically adjusted to optimize readability and visual rhythm.

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