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How to get started in Mojo

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You can start creating engaging content on Mojo for your business and social media in a few simple steps. Whether you want to create an instagram Reel, a Tiktok video, or a static post for your page you have hundreds of templates and formats for all social media platforms.

Step 1: Choose a template or start with a blank one

Browse around the different categories to find a template that inspires you. You have hundreds of templates available organised by category that you can then customise with your own photos, texts and effects. If you prefer to create your own from scratch you can start with a blank template. For your first story we recommend you use a template until you're familiar with all the editing options in our app.

choose a template to create content to promote your business online

Step 2: Add your own photos or videos to the template

Replace the images in the template by your own by clicking on the image, or clic on the "+" button and select "Media". You can add photos or videos of your own or use any of the thousands stock images and videos available.

how to get started with Mojo edit photos on your template

Step 3: Customise your project

You can add text and other elements like your logo, gifs, music or stickers to your template. You can customise it as you want: you can move it around, change size and many other options. Navigate the menu at the bottom to see the different customisation options you have once you select any of the elements in your project.

You don't have to use all the elements of the template you're using. Simply click on the trash icon to delete the elements you don't want.

customise mojo template

Step 4: Select the right format and share your engaging content on social!

With Mojo you can get your stories social media ready with one click. You can adjust your stories to the right specs so it looks great in any of your social media platforms: from Instagram reels, IGTV, square, landscape, Youtube or your own custom format. To do so just click on the brush icon on the left.

When you're done click Save and you're ready to post! You can post directly or save the video on your device. If you're not ready and want to go back to your project later, your projects will be saved in your Mojo account, just make sure you're logged in so you can access your projects from any device.

select the format of your story for any social media platform in any specs
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