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Upgrading to Mojo Pro or Mojo Teams on web

Start your subscription and upgrade from Mojo Free to Mojo Pro or Mojo Teams on your browser.

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Upgrade your Mojo subscription to access all social templates, advanced editing features and effects. With Mojo Teams you can work with your team mates and manage all subscriptions in one place.

Upgrade on web

  1. Visit the Mojo Pro (for solo users) or Mojo Teams (for teams with two or more people) page

  2. Click on Subscribe to Mojo Pro or Create your Mojo team (for the Mojo Teams plan)

  3. Log in if necessary

  4. Select your payment plan and billing interval

  5. Enter your details and complete the upgrade to start your free trial

Good to know: For Mojo Teams, only owners or admins can upgrade the subscription.

Upgrade on mobile (iOS)

1. Visit the Pro tab (for solo users) or press Create a team in the top of the Templates tab (for teams of two or more people)
2. Select a payment plan. Amounts displayed will vary per region. Learn more about our payment plans.
3. Tap Start Trial and Subscribe.

4. Complete the payment dialogue to confirm your plan.
5. Sign in with your Apple ID to finish.

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