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Introducing our new feature, Mojo-AI.

Mojo-AI helps you to generate templates for Instagram that are tailor-made for your business. By collecting information from you about your business and what it does, our feature will be able to make unlimited video options that are unique to you!

To start, you can try the feature on the Mojo Home page

Here you can provide the app with your Instagram username (if you have a public profile) where the tool will take the name and description of your business to learn a bit more.

You can also press “I will add my business info manually” to enter the information yourself.

When this is done, you can enter information about the video that you want to create - a product you want to showcase, a new promotion or event for example.

You can also press “Get Idea” and our AI will generate ideas for videos based on your business.

The last step is to tap “Generate Video,” and our AI will generate unlimited videos for you. If the first video is not what you had in mind you can swipe up to generate more! From there you can either edit the video until you’re happy with it or go back and refine your prompt to get different results.

Enjoy the stunning videos created by Mojo AI and feel free to reach out to us through the “Contact Us” button in the app with any feedback you have regarding this or other features!

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